The Blooper is a squid-like enemy that appears underwater.

In-Game Edit

They can only be killed by environmental hazards and fireballs, a difficult task since they always float. Additionally, they cannot fall down pits, making them even more difficult to dispatch.

How to Use Edit

Simply choose them from the Enemies tab in the editor, and place them down. They are meant to be placed underwater, but are by no means limited to it.

Strategies Edit

  • They are difficult to defeat, but can easily be avoided by staying on the ground as Small Mario.
  • They make bizarre enemies above ground.

Trivia Edit

  • In the original game, they could be stomped when above ground. This never legitimately occurred in the game; however, so it wasn't added to Mari0.
    • That didn't stop this behavior from being implemented as Custom Enemies, such as Technochips's overworld squid and QwertymanO07's jellyfish.