Bowser is the antagonist of almost every Mario game. In Super Mario Bros., you meet a fake version of him at the end of every castle, except 8-4, which has the real one. Bowser is capable of going though portals; in fact, he fits exactly though a portal, being the biggest enemy of all.

Curiously, he is considered an entity rather than an enemy in Mari0: SE. His fireballs are enemies, though, implying Maurice had possibly planned to convert him to the enemy system.

In-Game Edit


He moves back and forth, occasionally jumping. He only deals collision damage, and—starting with World 6—throws hammers. To get him to spit fireballs, you must place a Fire Start entity somewhere to the left of him.

Once the player touches the Axe, Bowser will begin his death animation. Alternatively, shooting him with five fireballs will defeat him prematurely and reveal a fake Bowser's true form.

How to Use Edit


The entity.

Unlike other Mario enemies, Bowser is considered an entity, which can be found under Level Markers. He will move thirteen blocks to the right of the entity. It is typical to place bridge blocks under him.

Strategies Edit

  • He will only shoot fireballs if a fire start entity is present, so you can make an easier fight by just not placing one.
  • You can always place more enemies to make a harder fight.
  • You can place a Fire Start entity partway across the arena to make him change mid-battle.
  • Lasers will kill his fireballs, but not him.
  • You can change his fireballs into a completely different enemy, such as a copy of a Koopa.