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Some examples of a bug.

Computer bugs, not those bugs :P ==>

Bugs a.k.a Glitches are errors in programming that the creator did not intend.

Bugs in Mari0 1.6Edit

  • Not enough hats
  • Crashes when you jump out of the screen to fall on a laser that points upward.
  • Crashes when a Hammer Bro's hammer gets enancipated.

Bugs in Mari0: SE Edit

  • Well there's a lot, since it's a beta.

Bugs in Ortho RobotEdit

  • If using Love 0.8.0, it crashes when quitting. (Not that it matters though.)
  • No hat

Bugs in Not Tetris 2Edit

  • If using Love 0.8.0, the game crashes instantly.

Bugs in Not PacmanEdit

  • If the board is tilted at near 45 degrees, and either pac-man or a ghost, you can't see corners.