Many examples of Buttons, even sideways!

The Heavy Duty Super-Colliding Super Button (HDSCSB or just button.) is a testing element from Portal. It sends an output while many entities, like the player, a Weighted Storage Cube, or any enemy, is standing on it. 

They is one of the most basic entities in the game, and used for many tasks. They are often used in conjunction with boxes and Doors to create barriers that require solving a puzzle to pass. In older versions, they were also used with jury-rigged OR gates to make rudimentary Triggers, so the player must defeat all enemies in a room. With a little creativity, a mappack creator can find hundreds of uses for this entity. 


  • In 1.6 and below, the button does not light up like in the portal games, despite having quads for on and off. This has been fixed in Mari0: SE.
  • Unlike in Portal, Buttons are not solid, and portals can be placed beneath them, allowing objects to fall right through.
  • Buttons originally had collision, even having their own Mask, but the feature was removed before release.