Buzzy Beetles are like Koopas with hard shells that can resist fire. For more info on Buzzy Beetles in the Mario series, please refer to the Super Mario Wiki.

In-Game Edit

They are just like Koopas, shell and everything. The only difference is that they resist fire. They can only truly be killed by environmental hazards.

How to Use Edit

Simply place the enemy from the Enemies tab in the level editor. It does not have a half variant by default.

Strategies Edit

  • Many of the same strategies for Goombas and Koopas will work with Beetles too.
  • While they are difficult to defeat, they are not difficult to avoid.
  • Since they are very hardy, they're wonderful for shell puzzles.

Trivia Edit

  • Their half variant was removed in SE for whatever reason.
  • In Super Mario Bros, they would replace Goombas once the game was completed.
  • They are the Bowser decoy for World 3.
  • In Mari0 their sprite is wrong. In the original game, their shells only moved 1 pixel. The error can be traced back to the sprite sheet Maurice used for the game.