Cheats are built-in Mods for Mari0. All cheats will be unlocked by completing any mappack that ends with an axe in the final level of World 8, such as the Super Mario Bros. mappack. (Note that only the final level needs to be completed, and that the cheats are unlocked even if the level is completed from within the editor.)

They can also be unlocked by going to the main menu and inputting the Konami code: B A . A tune will play if it was done successfully.

List of Cheats Edit

Modes Edit

These modes replace the portal gun

Gel Gun ModeEdit

In this mode, the player's portal gun is replaced by a gel gun. The player can shoot blue gel by left-clicking and orange gel by right-clicking. It is impossible to shoot any other gel.

Minecraft ModeEdit

In this mode, the player's portal gun is replaced by a pickaxe. The player can mine blocks, pick them up, and place them. The GUI for holding blocks is the same as Minecraft. It is not available in SE. (Use the numbers 1-9 to select a block.)


The player will be knocked back whenever they shoot a portal.

Bullet TimeEdit


The player can use the mousewheel to slow down time.

Huge MarioEdit

The player becomes large and invincible. They will Break blocks and smash through enemies.

Goomba AttackEdit

Goombas will rain from the sky.

Sonic Rainboom Edit

The player will do a sonic rainboom if they move fast enough through a portal in any direction but down. It will kill all enemies on the screen.

Player Collision Edit

Players will collide with each other in multiplayer.

Infinite Time Edit

The time counter will never decrease.

Infinite Lives Edit

The life counter will never decrease.