Cheep-Cheeps are a species of fish.


They can be found in the water or on the ground when they jump out of the water. They cannot be killed by stepping on them in water, but only when they jump out at you.

They are not able to go through portals when they swim.

There are two other variants (see below).

Cheep-Cheeps can also be spawned using the Cheepcheep Entity, which will randomly choose either a white or red fish.

Other VariantsEdit

White Cheep Cheep Edit

White cheep cheeps are another variant of cheep cheep. They move slower than their red siblings.

Flying Cheep Cheep Edit

The flying cheep cheep is another variant of cheep cheep. They look exactly like red fish, but are more often found in ground levels. They are seen launching themselves in the air. Unlike the underwater ones, they can go through portals.

These fish can additionally be spawned using the Flyingfishstart and Flyingfishend entities to create a zone where they will fly from the bottom of the screen with randomized velocities.

Trivia Edit

  • The "white" cheep cheep is actually green. In Super Mario Bros, the green cheep cheep appeared white due to the underwater enemy pallete. If placed in an overworld level, they would be green. They were likely just called "white" cheep cheeps because that's the only way they ever appeared in Super Mario Bros.