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A Coin Block, sometimes known as a ? Block or a Prize Block, is a type of tile in Mari0 used for awarding things to the player. For information about its lore in the official Mario games, please refer to the Super Mario Wiki .

In gameEdit

The player must strike the block from below or hit it with a Koopa Shell to get whatever is inside. The block will turn into a Used Block when struck, depending on the palette used in the level and the item that comes out.

They are all animated on the same timer, though this timer is different from those used in Animated Tiles. As such, it is impossible to make a custom Coinblock. It is possible to modify its Graphics, but this will affect the mappack globally.

How to useEdit

Coinblock upfire

"Mushrooms and co will probably use the same enemy customization so I guess they’re enemies too?"

Select the tile from the Tiles menu in the editor and place it like any other tile. By default, a single coin will come out of the block, but placing any enemy or one of the following entities on it will cause the entity to come out instead:

In addition, any other entity will cause the block to produce nothing; an unimportant entity (such as Lakt End, which does not work in SE) is useful for causing this effect.

Coins blocks will continue to be struck from below, even with the use of Purple gel.


  • While Mari0 is based off the original Super Mario Bros., the player could not hit a Coin Block with a Koopa Shell until Super Mario Bros. 3. The reason Maurice added it in was because he didn't think there was a way to do this in Super Mario Bros., which made it okay.
  • When hitting a Coin Block containing the Mushroom/Fire Flower entity with a shell, a flower will always come out.