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The Default Tilesets are pre-made tilesets that come pre-packaged with the game. There is an SMB tileset and a Portal tileset. All versions include Super Mario Bros, which uses the SMB tileset, while 1.6 came with a Portal mappack that used the Portal tileset. Both come pre-packaged with all versions of Mari0, and can be accessed in their own tabs in the tile selector.

SMB Tileset Edit


This tileset was used in the Super Mario Bros. mappack that comes pre-packaged with all released versions of Mari0. However, a gray block that was at the bottom of the flag in the original World 6-3 is missing, for some reason.

Notable Tiles Edit

Portal Tileset Edit



This tileset was used in the Portal mappack that came pre-packaged with Mari0 1.6. While the Portal mappack is not in SE, this tileset is still available to use and modify. An updated version with Special Edition's new tile properties is included in that version, though, interestingly, the pixels for the new properties are all black.

This tileset also includes the only tile in Mari0 that has the "2x2 Tile" property.

Unused Alternate Tileset Edit

Another Portal tileset can be found in the game files of 1.6, though it cannot normally be accessed in the tile selector. It is most likely left over from earlier in development.


Though many of the tiles are identical to the regular tileset, this version is missing left and up arrows and elevators. The white tiles that appear as the default custom background are available here as separate tiles, and otherwise unused door tiles are present, which likely served the same function as the final version's elevators.