Dry Bones are the reanimated skeletons of deceased Koopas, and are undeniably spooky.

For more information about Dry Bones in the Mario universe, check the Mario Wiki.

In-Game Edit

They are invulnerable to most attacks, and stomping them will only faze them for a moment. They can only be killed by Stars or environmental hazards, such as pits.

How to Use Edit

Both enemies—drybones and drybonespile—should be in your enemies folder in your mappack. Then you only need to select it in the enemies tab in the editor, and place it in your map.

Strategies: Edit

  • Many of the same strategies for Goombas will work with Dry Bones as well.
  • They're very difficult to defeat, so use them sparingly.

Trivia Edit

  • They made their debut appearance in Super Mario Bros. 3.
    • However, they were given Super Mario Bros. 1 sprites for Super Mario Maker.
  • It's actually two enemies, drybones and drybonespile.