Unauthorized objects will be destroyed.

The Emancipation Grill, or Fizzler, is a Portal Element which vaporizes any unauthorized objects and clears the player's Portals when passing through it. Unauthorized objects include Cubes, most Enemies (specifically those with the "emancipatecheck" property set to true), and, most notably, Portal Gun shots. They can be toggled upon an input.

How to Use Edit

Place the entity in the desired location, and right-click to set its axis. The final entity will stretch until it reaches a block in either direction along a given axis. In Mari0 1.6, there are two entities: horizontal and vertical.

They can be combined with Light Bridges to create glass: a wall that blocks portal shots, physical objects, such as enemies, cubes or Mario, but lets Lasers through.

They can also be combined with Lasers to make a "death fizzler": a field that blocks portal shots, cubes, enemies and kills the player.


  • The design in Mari0 is more reminiscent of the first Portal game rather than the second, unlike most other Portal Elements.