Grace is a fiery Balance Angel who regarded events of Twatter Story as myths before seeing them herself.

General Edit

Character Bio
Birthplace 3000 years into the future
Status Alive
Last Seen Outside RWLabs
Other attributes
Weapons Bladed Bow
Special Skills None
Controlled by WillWare
Grace is an eighteen-year-old soldier of the Balance Angels, of similar strengths as WillWare in this regard. She is very much a hothead and acts upon... a sensible whim, for lack of better terms. She is in every way WillWare's foil: she acts quickly instead of thinking first; she "keeps balance" by leaving dying things to die; she uses logic, but sparingly; her first action is often the brute-force tactic. Her weapon is also the bladed bow, but she keeps the blades together, like a twin-bladed sword.

–WillWare, describing Grace

Being a fellow Balance Angel with WillWare and competing for the position of the fastest Balance Angel with him, they share a rivalry.

Since they met in the Balance Angels, they've been competitors in every competition imaginable, and take differing opinions in every argument. There is exactly one thing they can agree on: they are as fire and water, with Grace as the former and WillWare the latter.

Each secretly wishes they could resolve their differences.


Grace has a hate against Gatekeepers of Chaos, but strangely doesn't seem to display such animosity against Lyra as much as TF.

Chapter 2 Edit

Grace is first introduced when she was sucked into the past with WillWare when he stole a Time Stone. She notices that Equestria is falling and with WillWare runs towards it; running into Delta Nova. She decides for the group to leave when she notices TF, the Gatekeeper of Chaos', unconscious body. Later, after falling through the wormhole that boosted her forwards a month, she's acquainted with RW, whom she holds with suspicion and a little disgust. She begins to see that stories that she beheld as fairy tales were in fact history, and takes delight in interacting with various members that slowly gather- Sam Kostka, LF, Sakura. Upon finding out about RW's brutal experiments that generated monsters of tremendous power, she starts to doubt him and feel slightly disgusted by him. However, her hate for RW isn't as pronounced as that of TF. Upon entering the laboratory and being put into a group with Delta, Lyra and TF, she keeps her distance from TF.

Grace joins the main group later when news of RW joined LF, Sam Kostka, Drone, Sakura and WillWare together. After finding Delta following a brief search, the group attacks Subject 513's cell and leaves the next day with the Emerald.

Grace is next mentioned when she sees TF tumbling out of the laboratory with grave wounds from Subject 513. Delta treats the wounds with a potion to solidify Gatekeeper blood, but before long, an argument between TF and Grace is inevitably sparked. Then Subject 513 ambushes them, causing TF to order the others to run. Subject 513 kills TF, causing Jorichi to hunt the monster down. While fleeing, Grace and Delta notice Jorichi and follow him from a distance. Jorichi has a battle with Subject 513, which ultimately ends in Delta sacrificing himself to kill the monster.

Then WillWare and Sam arrive from their walk. Sam freaks at the sight of TF's corpse and falls down the cliff to kill Subject 513. WillWare and Grace ready up to combat Jorichi, but are instantly incapacitated when the fog of corruption puts them out. When Grace awakes, she and WillWare escape to the laboratory where Jorichi is battling Drone. She learns of RW's treachery, but is knocked out by him in the heat of the battle. When she later awakes again, she's in the presence of Death himself, who offers Twatter a second chance.

Trivia Edit

  • Grace was created shortly after Lawnboy debated for the presence of gay romance (introduced by Sakura) possibly as a joke.
I guess I can provide a female character. Don't do anything stupid, though.

–WillWare, introducing Grace

  • Grace doesn't act graceful at all.
  • Arguably, Grace is WillWare's character foil.