Hammer Bros. are a species of Koopa that stand upright and throw hammers at passers-by. They throw hammers to damage Mario. For more info on Hammer Bros. in the Mario series, please refer to the Super Mario Wiki.


A Hammer Bro. will walk in between two blocks constant speed unless it hits something. It will constantly throw hammers and will jump consistantly, but not quickly. Hammer Bros. will stack on top of other enemies, and can be affected by Faith Plates, Hard Light Bridges, and various platforms. They have the capacity to push Buttons.

To attack Mario, a Hammer Bro. will throw hammers in your direction, which upon contact Mario will either shrink or lose a life. He will also attack if Mario touches him, causing the same.


Hammers don’t kill enemies in SMB, but it makes sense in Mari0.

Hammer Bros. can be killed in many ways. The most frequent is by Mario jumping on them, which will cause them to fly away. Fireballs are an important method of dispatch, as it will not collide with their hammers. Hammer Bros. can be redirected via portals into a pit; or you can portal their own Hammers back at them. Lasers will kill them automatically, as will Emancipation Grills. If a Hammer Bro. is standing on a Brick Block, and Mario hits it from below, the Hammer Bro. will fly off the screen. A Koopa Shell will also KO a Hammer Bro., and the points accrued from killing multiple may grant Mario an extra life.

How to UseEdit

To place a Hammer Bro., choose it from the editor and place it in the position it will appear in.

Strategies Edit

  • A Hammer Bro. will not begin moving until the camera is within a block of its starting postition. This information is useful for timing a Hammer Bro's position so that Mario reacts in a predictable manner (often toward his doom).
  • It is recommended to place two or three layers of ground for them to stand on, though the floor of the level can also count. Because they jump through blocks, having only one layer may cause them to jump through the floor.
  • Hammer Bros. are difficult enemies, so they should be used sparingly.
  • They are much easier to defeat with a portal gun.