Hat #8

Hats are a customization feature in Mari0. There are 33 hats in the game by default, and the Mario hat (hat #1) uses the player's first color.

Custom Hats Edit


An example of a custom hat.

In Mari0: SE, one can create their own hats. All it takes is a .txt file and one or two images. The

.txt file should follow the guideline below. You can not make hats that use the player's color.

offsetx|offsety|size(offsety for next hat)|big mario offsetx|big mario offsety|big mario size(offsety for next hat)|name of image|name of big mario image

Stacking Hats Edit


Using hat stacking to recreate the Towering Pillar of Hats.

By directly editing options.txt in your Mari0 (or Mari0: SE) folder with a plain text editor, you can stack hats. In the file, simply find mariohats:player#:hat# and add a comma and the number of the correct hat after the second number, like mariohats:player#:hat#,hat2#.

Further Reading Edit

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