They can drop more than just boxes.

The Item Dispenser, also known as Dropper, or known in Portal as Vital Apparatus Vent, is a Portal Element that spawns vital items for the player on an input, or when the previous item dropped gets destroyed.

In-Game Edit

It's much like an Enemy Spawner, but it can spawn Weighted Storage Cubes, has its own graphic, and has an option to spawn a new item when the old one is destroyed. It is also solid, unlike many entities, particularly those that create objects.

Enemies will drop from the bottom-left side of the Item Dispenser as if it was the enemy's block. For an enemy to drop from the center of the Dispenser, as would be expected, it must have a spawnoffset of 0.5, such as the "half" versions of enemies. Additionally, if the enemy transforms, it will be considered destroyed by the Dispenser, and a new one will be spawned if the option is set.

In older versions, Dispensers would have to be linked to a pre-placed Box in order to get it to start, but this can be circumvented in SE by selecting an option to make the dispenser spawn its item on map load.

Implementations Edit

A dispenser's primary use is to dispense cubes in Portal chambers. However, they can also be used to dispense infinite quantities of power-ups (to prepare the player for a difficult level, for example) or dispense Koopa Troopas for shell puzzles.

Version History Edit

  • SE Beta 1: Added ability to drop any enemy; can have Custom Graphics.
  • 1.4: Fixed bug where they didn't block portals.
  • Pre-Release: Introduced.