"You're RW's chemical supplier." said WillWare, "and... you're not dead?"

"I'm not a ghost, if that's what you're asking. I haven't talked to a human being in so long..." replied Jakeri.

–RWLabs, describing Jakeri's meeting with WillWare's group.

Jakeri is RW's only friend and chemical supplier. He was unaware of the nature of RW's experiments.

General Edit

Character Bio
Birthplace Hallishire
Status Deceased
Last Seen At the door of RWLabs
Other attributes
Weapons A 15 inch blade
Special Skills None
Controlled by RWLabs

Jakeri lived in RWLabs for five years by blocking off the food supplies (thus starving hundreds of humans) and living in the vents. He didn't encounter a human being in that amount of time and only had a 15 inch blade as his only self defense. Due to this, he is noticeably quiet and paranoid.

Chapter 2 Edit

Jakeri is first introduced when RW visits his van full of chemicals. RW explains that due to the steep slope, Jakeri had to dismount and carry small volumes of chemicals up the hill with a wagon. The group assumes that Jakeri had died.

In reality, when Jakeri arrived on a snowy day, he found that the lights were off and entered to investigate. Unaware that the doors were locked from the inside, he was forced to survive by hiding and fleeing for five years.

Soon after RW's death, while WillWare, Drone and Sam were searching for the Emerald, Jakeri appears at the mention of RW's name. The group tells him of what RW was really doing in the laboratory before delivering the news of his death. Jakeri was noticeably taken aback by this news. He then suggests searching for the Emerald in Subject 513's cell, which turns out to be a good choice.

When Delta flees from the monster without his scythe, Jakeri is the first to volunteer to retrieve it. As a consequence, Subject 513 ambushes him and draws some blood from his leg before it leaves to protect the Emerald. He stays quiet whilst staying with the group, and just when they are about to leave gets killed by Subject 513.

As LF turned around to urge Jakeri to hurry, his eyes widened. LF's mouth opened to scream a warning just as Subject 513 materialized from the shades. In a flash, multiple cuts appeared across Jakeri's body and blood drained out quickly. Then with vigor, the monster mutilated the body until LF knew that no magic, nor chemical would bring him back.

–RWLabs, describing the death of Jakeri

Trivia Edit

  • Jakeri was introduced on page 12 and killed on page 14- making him the character with the shortest page-wise lifespan. However, the shortest in-story lifespan goes to Ice Shard for surviving for far longer number of pages, but essentially an in-story equivalent of a few hours since introduction.
  • According to RWLabs, Jakeri was killed off because Subject 513 needed more blood and Jakeri was an overall boring character.
  • All of RWLabs' characters die in the direct vicinity of RWLabs (except for Caris)
  • Jakeri shares his birthplace with RW.
  • RW helps Pyro due to his uncanny resemblance to Jakeri.