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Kexaihami ((Full Name: Kexaihami Zedd Vectorial)), is a computer science/circuitry junkie that came to Forums and was most notable for his Shader Set and masterful usage of Double Parentheses.  He has been trained (mostly by himself) in the arts of Basic, C, C++, Python, Lua, GLSL, GML, Perl, HTML, Java, Javascript, Flash,, stabbing himself, LSL, potato-eating, PHP, and various other small coding languages that aren't really worth noting.  His themesong has the following lyrics:

Hey, I just DOX'd you,

and this is crazy.

I've got your IP,

I'll boot you, maybe.

He is also a shittastic chiptunes composer and the inventor of the words "Shittastic" and "Shittasticlysm".

The following is a shittastic video of his shittastic remix of the song "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" by Skrillex.