Koopas are common enemies. They are a species of turtle that always seems to be after Mario.

In-Game Edit

When jumped on, they will go into their shell and stop moving. You can jump on or walk into it again, and the shell will shoot, sliding on the ground and bouncing off any walls. While in this sliding shell state, it will kill or hurt any other enemy in its path (That includes you.), jumping on it again will cause it to stop and repeat the cycle. They can be flung by Faith Plates, can walk on or be blocked by Hard Light Bridges, carried by Excursion Funnels, killed by Lasers and will walk on platforms of all kinds.

They can only truly be killed by fireballs, lasers or environmental hazards, like pits or spikes.

Other VariantsEdit

How to Use Edit

Simply place the enemy or it's half variant from the Enemies tab in the level editor.

Strategies Edit

  • Many of the same strategies for Goombas will work with Koopas as well.
  • Keeping them from away from any environmental hazards will make dealing with them much tougher.
  • They can be used in conjunction with brick blocks to make puzzles around getting a shell to a spefic area.
  • Flying green Koopas are much tougher to deal with, especially in tight corridors.
  • Flying red Koopas can be used as a platform to reach a further ledge.

Trivia Edit

  • Horizontally flying Koopas are absent in the game, though they can easily be created using the movement type flyhorizontal.
  • Flying red Koopas are broken in Beta 9, just copy the enemy and change the movement to flyvertical.
  • The red Koopas and the flying red Koopas have a spritesets for different theme, but they are all the same.
  • In Super Mario Bros, the green Koopa becomes white in underwater levels. Mari0 Koopas are incorrectly green in underwater levels, possibly because there were no underwater Koopas in Super Mario Bros.