Lakitus are a very annoying enemy, as they try to throw Spinies onto you.

In-Game Edit

They can be killed by being jumped on or hit by fireball, though it may be difficult to pull off, as they dodge a lot of your attacks, especially stomps. They spawn Spiney Eggs, which turn into Spinies when they touch the ground.

How to Use Edit

Simply choose them from the Enemies tab in the editor and place them down. They are ideally placed towards the top of the map, neat the HUD.

Note that once placed, they will keep going until the end of the map, as the Lakito End entity does not work in SE. You can edit their masks to make them collide with something or make an invisible enemy that kills them as substitutes.

Strategies Edit

  • They instantly make any map more difficult.

Trivia Edit

  • They are probably the most edited enemy, with many variants in the form of Custom Enemies.
  • They appear to be riding on the same cloud as the the Coin Heaven tiles, though colored green.
  • They are among the most often edited enemies in Mari0: SE, as they can easily be made the throw anything a Mappack author desires, either to the player's benefit or detriment.