Some of the many uses for Lasers.

The Laser, or Thermal Discouragement Beam, is a testing element from Portal 2. It shines a high-power beam of focused light that incinerates enemies, or the player.

In-Game Edit

The primary purpose of Lasers is to trigger Laser Detectors, though there are far more uses than that. They are one of the few things to kill the player near instantly, and will kill any enemy not specifically immune to it. Cubes and immune enemies will block Lasers should they cross. Finally, Lasers can be redirected through Portals, allowing the player to take them with them for any purpose.

Lasers can be triggered using the linking system, allowing for mappack authors to create laser deathtraps, deadly barriers, and other features, either for the player's benefit or impediment. Since the emitters themselves are not solid, they were historically used to create OR gates, but they can also be combined with Light Bridges to make solid Lasers.

Laser Detector Edit

Laser Detectors are entities that produce an output while a laser is touching them. Unlike in Portal 2, Laser Detectors are not solid, and so do not block Lasers. As such, they can be used as Laser Relays, though to much less impact in 2D. Laser Detectors also only have one quad, meaning they do not light up.

Trivia Edit

  • There are no redirection cubes in Mari0, because they wouldn't have a big enough impact in only two dimensions.