"I FUCKING PISSED MYSELF!" he yelled. He stood up, brushing the crushed leaves off his body. He seemed to have healed a bit from the attack, but he was kind of malnourished, skinny from his lack of food. Lawn was slow to walk, and he had an obvious limp. He presumed it was because his ankle was broken.

–Lawnboy, waking up after being attacked by wolves.

Lawnboy is a Parisian resident (in story anyhow) who met LF along with Trosh. He appears normal at first, but has a strange affinity for unprovoked violence and skewed perspective on justice. He was later turned more insane by RW.

General Edit

Character Bio
Birthplace Presumably Paris
Status Alive, presumably still in his madness
Last Seen Beginning of Chapter 2
Other attributes
Weapons Penny Sock
Controlled by Lawnboy

Lawnboy is somewhat violent and self-described as selfish. He does appear to have some humanity left in him, but all of it is destroyed when RW injects him. From then, he is as insane and ruthless as RW.

Chapter 1 Edit

Lawnboy is from Paris and met LF with Trosh. He was the second person to join Twatter Story, and the first 'villian'. He and the group, when in Twatter met Kyle Prior- while they were looking for hookers, Lawnboy hit Kyle and Trosh with his penny sock. Here Lawnboy also met Sakura, and when LF returned, he forgave Lawnboy for the violence. Trosh and Kyle did not.

Upon meeting Thunderflipper in his hole, Lawnboy assaulted Thunderflipper. Due to this, he was tied and left outside the cave for the wolves. Lawnboy, asleep, did not register LF untying his bindings and distracting the wolves, and TF taking LF back to the cave and leaving Lawnboy. When he woke up, he was attacked by the wolves and lost all his clothes and got bitten by them. As a result, he slept with leaves substituting blankets, and pissed himself upon waking up.

When the others decided that Lawnboy would be of use due to Jorichi's plans, Lawnboy effectively deflected all friendliness. When TF took LF hostage, Lawnboy unsuccessfully attempted to rescue LF, and slipped away without LF when TF imprisoned them both. Lawnboy soon found himself in RWLabs, as a test subject, and had to go through mental torture. RW then injected Lawnboy with a drug to turn him insane and imprisoned him. When Lawnboy escaped through the vents and into RW's office, RW beat Lawnboy, but Lawnboy with a manic strength fought RW and stole his keys. When LF unfortunately showed up, Lawnboy imprisoned both RW and LF in a cage.

While RW and LF were plotting to cure Lawnboy of the madness, Lawnboy was stockpiling on RW's drugs. Upon their encounter Lawnboy overpowered RW and LF, putting them in chains. He then tortured RW with an injector, then promptly killed him. But before he could kill LF, RW stopped him from doing so, having another life in him. Shocked, Lawnboy ran off.

Lawnboy then set up a trap in the room in which he was trapped in by setting up a fake body and a voice recording of Sakura screaming in a dark setting. Successfully luring LF, Lawnboy gassed LF to tranquilize him before returning with a needle. When LF destroyed the needle with his last strength, Lawnboy beat LF with a penny sock and went off to find another dosage. Although LF escaped through the vents, Lawnboy followed him into an office. Although LF thought himself safely hid in a closet, Lawnboy discovered him and cut off LF's wing. Then when he jumped towards LF for the kill, because RWLabs was plummeting to the ground, fell to the ground instead. A piece of the ceiling (caused by WillWare) slammed down on him, knocking him unconscious.

When Jorichi opened the portal to Equestria, Lawnboy followed him inside, but passed out. Jorichi seemingly retrieved Lawnboy's Emerald.

Chapter 2 Edit

Lawnboy sat in the mud. It was raining, and once again, he was all alone. He hadn't seen those so-called friends in years, memories of them growing distant.

But he didn't need them. His life was fine without them. Sure, he had no one besides himself, but he was all he needed. Other people would just use him, and throw him away once they're done with him. At least he could trust himself.

Lawnboy sprinted on all fours across the forest floor, for what reason, he didn't know. The wind rushed past him, and a glimmer of light shone through the tree tops.

Light. Something Lawn grew to hate.

As he slowed his pace, growing weary of running, lawn saw something peculiar. It reminded him of his days in France, just before... IT all happened. Before that Trosh threw him into that wretched portal and wrecked his life. Lawn didn't want to see it. Yet, he was drawn to it, like it was calling out to him, waiting for him to arrive...

–Lawnboy, last post regarding him.

Lawnboy didn't participate in Chapter 2 after this post.

Trivia Edit

  • Lawnboy was controlled by almost exclusively RWLabs for the second half of the story.