Not to be confused with Grates.

Logic Gates are entities in Mari0: SE that let you do fancy things with linking.

And Gate Edit

This gate requires two or more inputs to work. They will only work if all linked inputs are activated.

Delayer Edit

This gate will delay a signal for a chosen duration of time.

Not Gate Edit

This gate will reverse the input. They will always be on if you don't connect it to anything.

Or Gate Edit

This gate requires any number of inputs to work. They will always work, as long as one input is activated.

R/S Flip-Flop Edit

This gate lets you set it from one input and reset it from another.

This was added into the game when several members requested it during the first few betas of Mari0: SE before its addition. Several unfavorable workarounds were created, many of which did not allow you to reset it.

Square Wave Edit

This gate will turn on and off for chosen durations.