This is the mappack page guidelines for sharing your own or someone else's mappack!

At least one paragraph of text must be written on the page that is not taken from the forum thread. If you can't think of an entire paragraph worth of text, reconsider adding it.

You may only share it if the mappack has at least one playable verision.

Setting It Up

Start by inserting an Infobox titled "infobox Mappack", then editing that according


If the author from the mappack is accurate, you don't need to write both.


Make sure to add proper capitalization and grammar.


This includes levels that aren't readily apparent, such as World -1. You can check the mappack folder for any hidden worlds.


SE Beta 9, SE Beta 8 (all prior betas are compatible with 8), 1.6, or any mods, such as Mari0: HEC or Alesan's Entities. If it uses a mod, but it isn't required to play (such as a graphical mod for a 1.6 mappack), just add the version, followed by "(Optional mod)".


  • Platformer: Focuses on platforming challenges or defeating enemies.
  • Puzzle: Puzzle-based or has a lot of puzzles.
  • Maze: The challenge is finding the exit
  • Vignette: Based more on a story or aesthetic rather than mechanical challenge.
  • Minigame: The mappack has the player do some task largely unrelated to the rest of the game.


Example description of the mappack. This should be at least a paragraph, and relate to the mappack. This is easier to write if the mappack has a story or a gimmick, but if it doesn't you can just describe the mappack.