Buttons for all!

The Pedestal Button, or Push Button, is a small, red button, similar to the Floor Button, but mounted on a pedestal. When pressed with your use key (E by default), it will toggle an output.


Pedestal Buttons can be placed as any entity, and, as of Mari0: SE, their direction and rotation can be selected from a dropdown.  Pressing the button will always toggle an output if the entity linked toggles, otherwise it will send an output every time it is pressed.  Once pressed, the player must, naturally, wait for the button to come back up before it is pressed again, putting a hard limit on the frequency with which the player can press the button repeatedly.


Pedestal Buttons require absolutely direct input from the player, a feature of no other entity.  Any entity triggered by a Pedestal Button is triggered only because the player wants it to be.  Since Enemies draw above Pedestal Buttons, they can be combined with offset NPC Enemies to create characters the player can press Use to interact with, as in the mappack "Caustic".

Pedestal Buttons more-or-less require the player to be still to press with any accuracy, so this can be used to the mappack author's advantage.