Platforms are an object from Super Mario Bros. that is spread across four entities in Mari0: the oscillating platform, platform spawner, falling platform, and see-saw. For each, you can choose its width in half-block increments.

In Game Edit

Oscillating Platform Edit


This spawns a platform that will oscillate for a chosen distance along the x and y axes for a chosen duration.

Platform Spawner Edit


This spawns platforms that move either up or down at a chosen speed and at a chosen interval.

Falling Platform Edit


This spawns a single platform that will fall should the player or an enemy stand on it.

See-Saw Edit


This is composed of two different platforms affixed to a pulley wherein the player's weight will cause one platform to fall while the other rises.

Unstationary Scaffold Edit


This entity is slightly different from platforms in that they can be triggered by an input. Once triggered, they will move a given distance, then teleport back to their starting location. Interestingly, they have a different graphic despite appearing the same in-game by default.

Cloud Platform Edit


This entity will move left once the player steps on it. It ostensibly for Coin Heaven rooms.