Portal Gun in Portal.

 The Portal Gun, or Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device (ASHPD), is an experimental tool used to create two portals through which objects can seamlessly pass. 

Used in the Aperture Science Enrichment Center's testing tracks, it is a Test Subject's primary tool to complete each test, as well as being a mandatory travel aid outside of testing areas. Chell has this tool throughout the majority of the two Portal games.

Related Entities Edit

Pedestal Edit

The Portal Gun Pedestal is an Entity in Mari0: SE. Upon being touched by the player, Their Portal Gun gains the ability to fire whichever portal colors are set, potentially overriding the level's settings. Unlike Powerups, it is not a permanent upgrade, as the Portal Gun the player has is decided by a Level Flag. As such, a Portal Gun gained from a pedestal will not persist through respawning, so any mappack author must take care that such events do not occur.

Pre-Placed Portals Edit

As of Mari0: SE, portals can be placed in the level by the mappack author and triggered using standard links. The system consists of two entities, one for the blue portal, and one for the orange. Additionally, the player ID of the portals can be set on the entites. They can either link with a player's portals with a low ID, or stand by themselves with a very high ID.

Properties of Portals Edit


A quite devious use for portals.

As previously stated, Portals seamlessly connect two areas in the game, preserving speed, but modifying the angle accordingly. Portals themselves are snapped to the tile grid, so it is impossible to place a portal between two blocks.

The blocks on which the portal is placed is given a special Mask, so as to allow an entity to pass through the portals as expected. An enemy with portalling disabled can still pass through the portalled block, since it has a different collision mask to an ordinary tile.


  • In Mari0 it has the ability to reset or destroy your portals, while in the Portal games, this is not possible without an Emancipation Grill.
  • The Portal Gun's range is far more limited in Mari0, being the edge of the window instead of the moon, as shown in Portal 2.
  • In Mari0Mario has the portal gun for an unknown reason. The fact the GLaDOS is not present (unless added by a mappack author) further complicates the situation.