Qwertylevels was a total remake of the author's first mappack, one for 1.6 with the same name (Forums). It aimed to separate itself from Super Mario Bros., with a new visual style and plotline, but it still relied too heavily on its Mario roots.

Custom Enemies Edit

A few of its best enemies were made into an enemy pack with sprites redone in the SMB style and posted on the forums. The pack contained the following enemies:

  • Bird - A background element that flies back and forth
  • Blueberry - Mushroom that moves as fast as a blue hedgehog
  • Jellyfish - Stompable Squids
  • Bairsum (Goomba) Lakito - Tries to throw Goombas in front of the player
  • Snowboss - A tough enemy that flies up and down, shooting Bullet Bills
  • Starfruit - Mushroom that bounces like a Star