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Renhoek's current avatar, he's called Gabe and the artwork was drawn by Kiashi for All Night Stabyourself.

Renhoek joined stabyourself on 11/02/2012 and has been the second most active member with over 3000 posts.


Below is a list of topics Renhoek created for his contributions to mari0 and Game development:

Super Mario Bros 2 (J) - mappackEdit

[1] Super mario bros 2 (J) was Renhoek's first mappack, The thread includes an extra map for world A-D and world 9 from the original game. The remake can currently be played in the DLC section in mari0.

Super Mario Bros Special - mappackEdit

[2] Super mario bros special was Renhoek's second mappack, after completing the first world Renhoek found it hard to continue forward as it would take to much time to make a level, at this point he decided to enlist the help from the community, Current updates are being handled by SuperJustinBros.

A boss battle - mappackEdit

[3] A boss battle was an attempt by Renhoek to recreate a boss battle (as the title suggests).

Super Mario Bros Deluxe You Vs Boo - mappackEdit

[4] SMBDX You vs Boo was created by Renhoek and was another attempt at a community mappack which failed.

Mario in Rupture farms - mappackEdit

[5] Mario in Rupture farm was created by Renhoek to test backgrounds for level layouts.

Commander Viridian - skinEdit

[6] Commander Viridian was created by Renhoek after getting the idea from a preview of Mario: SE.

Mari0 Best of stabyouself - mappackEdit

[7] Mari0 BOSY (Best Of StabYourself) started as a community mappack organised by Renhoek, after a large amount of discussion, it was decided that progress be halt until Mari0 SE was released.

Kirby's dreamland remake - mappackEdit

[8] Kirby's dreamland was created by Renhoek to remake kirby's dreamland in mari0. It is currently on hold until SE as level designs are too complicated for Mari0 1.6.

Christmas mappack  - mappackEdit

[9] Christmas mappack is one of Renhoek's latest mappack, it was created for Christmas 2012.

Toad - SkinEdit

[10] The Toad skin was created by Renhoek to try and give players a New Suer Mario Bros Wii / Wii U multiplayer experience.

Idiot's Rampage - gameEdit

[11] Idiot's rampage was created in 2013, the game stars Idiot9.0 and it is still currently in development. Renhoek is looking for people in the community to make a cameo as a buddy (A person who aids Idiot9.0) or as a playable Character.