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Sašo Smolej is the creator of's website and its forums. He did the coding for said sites and also maintains them. He is much more active than Maurice, being on Stabyourself's IRC at nearly all times and posting on the forums occasionally, even during the otherwise all-but-death of Stabyourself.


When someone asked him to add "more colors" to mari0 character color customisation. (Source)

Sorry, due to legal restrictions by several universal laws
we're unable to invent new colors.

When asked "The UDP punchout is an grjk that allows for remote connection without port forwarding, right?" (Source)

No idea what grjk is but yes.

On a topic about "Idiotic stuff you have done in the past": (Source)

I used a smiley made of X and D once.

It was awful.

In a discussion about Raicuparta's name (Source)

What a shame user #260 isn't around that much anymore. I am also fond of user #378.

And user #191 is not very good at remembering things

About Web 2.0: (Source)

As we advance with Web 2.0 technology, gradually advanced components such as
iframe menus will be implemented in order to improve and speed up the user experience.
Additionally, marquee will be introduced to show snippets of latest news on any page
making sure all users that happen to stumble upon any page are informed.