"Sakura?!" I asked her, then she looked at me, and said "SHITTY MOSQUITO THING!" She said joyfully, while throwing a brick at me. "STOP CALLING ME THA-" I was interrupted by the brick colliding with my head, then I fainted.


Sakura is somewhat neutral character, but the only strong female presence in Chapter 1.

General Edit

Character Bio
Birthplace Presumably Twatter
Status Deceased
Last Seen Outside RWLabs
Other attributes
Weapons A brick, stick or rock
Special Skills None
Controlled by Sakura

Sakura is a fairly average person, who unlike in many generic stories, does not have a romance plot attached to her because she has an XX set

of chromosomes. She's fond of using bricks, sticks, rocks, and other heavy but handy objects.

Chapter 1 Edit

Sakura meets Trosh, LF and Lawnboy when she is running around a tree to get a brick to fall down from it. She joins their group and throws a brick at LF, and begins the pattern of throwing heavy things at LF while yelling "Shitty mosquito thing." She quickly bonds with TF's little Marios and during Jorichi's attack on the group and TF's ponynapping of LF, faints. When she discovers TF's cave and consequently Jorchi's personally led attack, she distracts him by throwing two bricks at him, allowing time for TF, LF and WillWare to escape. Jorichi then immobilizes Trosh and Kyle and interrogates Sakura. When the others return, Sakura again distracts Jorichi by throwing a brick at him. Jorichi then vanishes.

Sakura and the group then enter RWLabs in search of a voice shouting "I saw a man die with my own eyes!", but find nothing. She meets the scientist RW, and then... vanishes? She's mentioned later when LF searches for her, thinking that she was captured by Lawnboy, but that turns out to be a decoy.

Sakura, Kyle and Trosh were watching Jorichi's explanation on the screen. They gasped in shock that Jorichi was already on his way to make his move. Kyle turned around, he could barely see the portal beyond the door where they through. Quickly looking back at the screen, he recognized the room LF, TF and Jorichi were in. He had been there before... Then suddenly he realized that it was very close to where they found the portal. 'There just isn't anymore time to waste now...' he thought. Quickly jumping up, making his bacon flavored chips fly across the room he grabbed Sakura by her wrist and Trosh by this shirt and quickly ran towards the portal. "I knew it! We can still try to save LF!" Kyle joyfully shouted. Sakura snapped at him: "That's no reason to yoink me away from those gummybears...!".

"Wait! Isn't the room LF is in at the end of this hallway!?" Trosh suddenly realized. "Exactly!" Kyle said while he started to run. The other two quickly followed.


Then they enter the portal. Sakura gathers with LF and WillWare at the ponies' hideaway. Sakura reveals that she was in fact the carrier of the White Emerald of the Gods.

Chapter 2 Edit

It appears that Sakura returned to Twatter with the little Marios. She lives in the vicinity of where Delta, WillWare and Grace meet, and throws a rock at LF upon encountering him. LF carries her on his back and flies up to Equestria as it began to fall. Then they descend to a mountain after speaking with a dragon named Spike, and run into WillWare, Delta, RW, Grace and Sam's group. They then continue the journey to RWLabs. Upon entering the laboratory, they split up to expedite the search for the Emerald.

With WillWare and LF, Sakura searches the upper floor. Before long, Sam with a machine called Drone request their assistance from below. LF flies them up, and Sam delivers the news of RW's death.

Eventually, the group decides to attack Subject 513's cell. Being successful, they leave the labs and encounter Bonko's ship, and Sakura is killed by Subject 513 in the chaos.

suddenly sakura ran to the field of battle for some reason, unknown to us. and right before our eyes the beast with one swipe took her out. they kept quiet while yelling inside.

–Drone, oh my eyes... the grammar is simply not there. killing another character in a single line (make a death something to be remembered

–Jorichi, long after Drone kills off Sakura in a weird way

However, despite this, she still had an Emerald.

"What's this?" inquired Shades, nearing a bloody corpse. It had once belonged to a woman.

Commander growled, then said, "Yes this place is it."

"You had to have a good reason to leave Subject 513 alone outside that cell- I thought we were going to ambush them!" pointed out another spirit.

"I felt something... powerful." replied Commander, as he searched the body of Sakura. Subject 513 had left just enough blood and flesh for a close friend to recognize her. The spirits gasped as he drew a bloody white stone- the Emerald of the Gods (Sakura had it, remember?).

Commander smirked before pocketing the item. Then they disappeared into the darkness.

–RWLabs, resolving why the Elite Four were absent when Subject 513 attempted his ambush

Trivia Edit

  • Sakura was the only female character in Chapter 1.
  • In both Chapter 1 and 2, she was the only female participant.
  • Sakura suggested a gay romance when Lawnboy tried to make Trosh and Sakura fall in love (NOW KISS)
  • In both chapters, Sakura quits halfway.