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The place for forum games. This forum is automatically purged. Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

–Forum description

The Shameless chamber is the place where forums games go. Topics here are deleted if they were inactive since 30 days.

You can see a list of notable forums games here.

Its parent forum is Twatter.

This forum is just for forum games. We reserve the right to lock any contentless shitposting thread, even if it somehow qualifies as a forum game. Forum wide rules apply normally here. Any thread with no activity for 31 days will be automatically removed.

–Forum rules


At first, Sašo got sick of all the forums games (which were posted directly in Twatter), so he forbid to make new forum games. Eventually, Turret Opera was fed up with the no forum games rule and protested to get them back, so Sašo created the Shameless Chamber, and put all forums games here.