Spiny is the only small walking enemy who cannot be killed by stepping on them due to their spiky shells.

In-Game Edit

They can only be killed by a moving shell, a single fireball, or a Sonic Rainboom. Most Spinies are thrown by Lakitu.

How To Use Edit

Simply select them or their half variant in the "Enemies" tab in the editor and place them down.

Strategies Edit

  • Many of the same strategies for Goombas will work with Spinies as well.
  • A Lakitu will spawn a few of them.
  • You can use Spawners to make spikey eggs fall from an area.
  • As they cannot easily be defeated without a fireball, they shouldn't be very common.

Trivia Edit

  • In Mari0, they are erroneously called Spikey.
  • In SE, they erroneously resist fire.