Stabyourself is a group of two guys who make games, Maurice Guegan and Sašo Smolej

Maurice does the games, and Sašo Smolej does the website (though he also does a very small part of the games.)

How was madeEdit

When popularity for my first game, Not Tetris, picked up in late 2010, Google Sites didn't feel like the right platform anymore and so I collaborated with a friend who knew a lot more about servers and web development to start The result is a website which serves as a hub for game information, downloads and blog posts. All my games have been released as products.

Maurice, Source

I registered the domain as a joke so it could be used with names (i.e. so it would be INCREDIBLY FUNNY. But I never got around to doing it and at the time we were deciding about the name, the domain was week (or so?) old. We just decided to use it for that since we couldn't think of a better name (which happens a lot). We actually got an email a few days back from a father asking us to change the name. Since changing the name you're known by and is very memorable is a bad idea, that won't happen.