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Quick Guides

Custom Enemy Creation

Details on making Custom Enemies

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All you need to know about making your own tiles.

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A list of all the entities in Mari0

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Where to find

The main website can be found at (obviously).

Below is a list of other places you can find content, news, contact, etc.

Official List




The following are not controlled by, but Maurice and/or Sašo have joined them.

Wiki To-do List

  • Mari0-related pages should cover all Mari0 versions
    • Previously this wiki aimed to have all pages cover the SE Beta, but looking back this has made many pages feel inaccurate or incomplete
  • Add content to all mappack pages for the DLC mappacks, the 1.6 Portal Mappack, all the enemies, and all the Ortho Robot levels
  • Create all needed Wanted Pages
  • Place Quotes and Template:Unofficial on more pages
  • Flesh out any Article Stubs
  • Make sure all general Mari0 screenshots use the default Mario or Chell character (including portal colors), unless taken directly from a source (i.e. Mappack screenshots from its forum post)
  • Streamline categories; remove redundant categories, consider pruning parent categories if not useful

Other mods feel free to add anything to this list.