Screenshot of Superleetprogrammer

Superleetprogramer is a silly game by Maurice for Löve 0.9.0. DescriptionEdit

In a world where anyone can be a super leet programmer by simply mashing their keyboard, you have to stand tall by mashing your keyboard more than everyone else. Are you game?


When you press a key, a chunk of code appears. If you type all the code and press F5, you can run the code you just typed to move a white square across the screen.

Unused games Edit

There are two unused coding sessions found within the game's .love container. Although they're more like iterations rather than unique games. The first unused "game" just creates the basic movement code and the second creates the left and right movement. The game that was used in the final product was similar to the picture shown above, albeit with a draw code as well. You can see all three games in action using a mod created by TurretBot.