Terrorism simulator

Terrorism Simulator is a game by Maurice where you shoot airplanes into towers.

It was never linked in the main site, probably because of the potential backslash. However, it is available at

The game is the first one to use Löve 0.9.0. It also uses LoveFrames.

Official descriptionEdit

Personalized dread. Anywhere.Edit

For home or professional use, Terrorism Simulator 2014 is the most portable terrorism solution on the market. See how Terrorism Simulator 2014 can improve your work and life!

C-level terrorist executivesEdit

Planning for efficiency in terrorism is extremely hard work, requiring a massive workforce to formalize the plans, let alone executing them. With Terrorism Simulator 2014 you can cut down on unnecessary bueraucracy and focus your employees on getting the job done.

Independent/Sole propriortership terroristsEdit

As single operator (or part of a small team), adaptability is always crucial. Cut down on planning time and aim for adaptability with easy to use Terrorism Simulator 2014.

Conspiracy nutsEdit

Suspecting your goverment to be working against its own citizens? Maximize your credibility by providing Terrorism Simulator 2014 simulations as evidence to uncover conspiracies like never before.


Are you afraid your child might (not) be a terrorist? Simply use Terrorism Simulator 2014 as a testing device. If he enjoys it, he is definitely a terrorist.

All your needs, covered.Edit

  • Realtime simulation.
  • Simulate collisions with great accuracy.
  • Observe the effects of fire on a building's structural integrity.
  • Piss off the French by blowing up the Eiffel Tower.

Accessible to anyone.Edit

We have had great successes with past versions of Terrorism Simulator in limited testing and we are happy to see that all our employees will have access to the toolset to improve their efficienty.

–S.T., c-level terrorist executive

Amazing program! Very accurate, very useful. Perfect fit to jelly scale tests.

–A.B., hobby terrorist

Même si le Simulateur de Terrorisme est un outil extrêmement utile il serait impensable de le comparer avec des éclairs fourrés, paroxisme de la culture moderne.

–Y.O., professional terrorist

Translation: Even if the terrorism simulator is a tool extremely useful, it would be unthinkable to compare it with filled éclairs, paroxysm of modern culture.
أدخن الاعشاب كل يوم

–U.R., enthusiast

Translation: Smoke weed every day
When I saw my 5 year old son pointing a finger like a gun at a boy in his class, I was immediately suspicious. I tested him with Terrorism Simulator which confirmed it.

After calling the police, he was taken to a prison to be indefinitely detained without trial, ensuring my family and my country safety. Thank you, Terrorism simulator!

–S.E., parent/patriot

It's okay.

–L.F., explosives manufacturer

Note: The initials of all of those guys, assembled together, make S.T.A.B.Y.O.U.R.S.E.L.F