The Queen of Twatter is the queen of Twatter.

General Edit

The Queen of Twatter
Character Bio
Birthplace Presumably, Twatter
Status Alive
Last Seen In her castle
Other attributes
Weapons None
Special Skills None
Controlled by Jorichi

While somewhat strict on law, the Queen of Twatter appears to be merciful too. However, she also seems intent on keeping the law as she secretly sends LightningFire on a mission to hunt down Delta Nov

a before the five days is over. While arguably non-canon, she was also plotting using the Emeralds to take over the world.

Chapter 2 Edit

When Delta Nova let loose a thousand spirits, half of Twatter's population were killed. Despite this, as Delta banished the spirits back to their homeworld, the Queen showed leniency and banished him instead of executing him, giving him five days to run. However, she also asked LF to hunt him down prematurely.

Trivia Edit

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