The Troll Genie was started in April 13, 2012 by Lightning Fire. It is one of the longest-lived forum games, lasting until January 21st, 2015 when it was first noticed that it had been deleted. This means it was active for 2 years, 10 months, and 8 days before deletion.

The only forum games to have been active longer than it are The Magical Soda Machine and Steal The Cookie.

Gameplay Edit

To quote the first post:

What you have to do is simple: make a wish, then the next person grants it, but with a bad side to it. Ex:

Guy1:I wish for hair! Guy2:You get so much hair, that you get drowned by it. I wish for ladies. Guy3:The ladies are EXTREMELY ugly. I wish for a car.

And so on.

–LightningFire, The first post of the game