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Trosh The Movie The Game-0


Get ready...

–Intro text

Trosh: The Movie: The Game is a silly game by Maurice, allegedly starring Trosh. It heavily features explosions. DescriptionEdit

This homage to flashy releases of energy and heat (commonly known as explosions) features Trosh, the unshakeable mountain of a person with sunglasses on his quest to space and back.

A game made in 20 hours for a friend. It has explosions.


  • Explosions
  • Sunglasses
  • More explosions


Trosh stars in his own game. In the game, Trosh is the main character and you control him through 3 scenes, scoring points in each one.

  1. You run to the right as you shoot supermarioportal2s with your lazer eyes, at the end of it you go into a rocketship.
  2. The rocketship goes up into space, outside the atmosphere. then you control it, able to shoot asteroids that head your way. Then a Wheatley hits the ship.
  3. You jump out of the rocketship and skydive back down, hitting birds for points. If you press any button other than the arrow keys, you will get sunglasses and some points.
  4. At the end, two arrows pointing to the way of the target. how accurate you are at landing the target multiplies the total score.

Enemies Edit


supermarioportal2 Edit

Supermarioportal2s are horses that Trosh must destroy with his lazer eyes. Upon being shot, they violently explode.


Asteroid Edit

When Trosh is flying his ship, he has to destroy these space-rocks. Upon exploding, they split into two smaller Asteroids, which Trosh must also annihilate.


Bird Edit

After Trosh bails out of his ship, he can headbutt these flying feathered reptiles with his face to accrue points. Upon dying, they explode into a small cloud of blood.

Trivia Edit

  • The song that plays during the gameplay "Get out of there!" by DuttonsaysHi.
  • This game was included in The Pirate Bay Bundle.