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I think the original idea [for the name] was mixing "twitter" with "twat"[...].


Twatter is a subforum on the Forums where topics unrelated to Stabyourself go.

Major Threads Edit

Chat "Room" Edit

Main article: Chat "Room"

A general chat thread. Since it has no topic, the discussions here are likely to be derailed.

Art Thread Edit

A thread where users can share art they've made.

Ponies. Edit

A thread to discuss My Little Pony. Notably, it was made by Maurice.

Birthday Thread Edit

A thread dedicated to wishing members a happy birthday.

Avatar thread Edit

A thread for discussion on avatars, additionally used to archive old avatars.

Pixel art and sprites go here Edit

A thread similar to the Art Thread, but for pixel art.

Here's a completely original idea: post your desktop! Edit

A thread where, like the name suggests, users post a screenshot of their desktop.

Noteworthy Posts / Arguing About Said Noteworthy Posts Edit

Main article: Noteworthy Posts

A thread for showcasing and discussing funny or stupid (though not Shame Chamber level) posts, including from outside the forum.

Subfora Edit