This enemy is a port of the standard enemy from the game VVVVVV to Mari0: SE. They act more as static obstacles than dynamic enemies, but can still be used in creative ways.

In-Game Edit

The enemy simply moves back and forth, bouncing off walls and kill the player if touched, just like in the source material. They can be redirected with portals to create small puzzles.

How to Use Edit

Place all the enemies in the enemies folder in your mappack and select the version that moves in the direction you want from the enemies tab in the editor.

Strategies Edit

  • Many of the same strategies for Bullet Bills will work with the VVVVVV Enemy as well.
  • You can goad players into moving their portals by placing these in tight corridors.
  • They can be set up to chase the player.
  • They can be made even more interesting by making a version with both x- and y-velocities.