The Aperture Science Weighted Storage Cube is a small cube that serves several purposes in Mari0. For more information about its uses in the Portal universe, please refer to the Portal Unofficial Wiki.


Cubes sit utterly motionless in the game and can do nothing unless acted on by an external force. Mario can pick up and put down cubes by pressing the "use" button (E by default). Mario can also slowly push them without grabbing them for fine adjustments. Cubes are often used in puzzles. The simplest use of a cube is to hold down a button, often so that Mario may pass through a door. Since cubes are solid, Mario can jump off of one for extra height. They will also block lasers and deflect enemies, letting Mario slip through a dangerous corridor, or blocking a laser from activating some sort of trap.

"I don’t think you understand the gravity of the situation"

They can stomp any enemy with the properties stompable and destroyedbyboxed. Having only destroyedbyboxes will cause the box to bounce off of it without dealing any damage. It will only collide with enemies that have the correct mask settings.

Cubes are destroyed by Emancipation Grills. If they are destroyed in any way, they will send an output.

Cubes will also stick to Adhesion Gel, which has its own uses.


  • It is called a companion cube in Mari0. However, the companion cube is a specific type of weighted storage cube that doesn't actually appear in the game anywhere. In Mari0 SE, it is called a weighted cube.
  • In Mari0 SE, the blue ring will turn yellow when placed on a button, like it's Portal 2 counterpart. This does not occur in Mari0 1.6, due to the cube only having one quad.
  • In the code, it is simply called box.